CCCC Church Building Project

Chinese Christian Church at Clemson building Intercessory Prayer

Dear brothers and sisters:

Thank you for your faithful support and prayer for the Chinese Christian Church at Clemson. Witnessed by many brothers, sisters and guests, the groundbreaking ceremony for our church building was held on April 21, 2019.

In 1986, five Chinese Christian students started a campus Bible study group at Clemson University. In 1996, the group grew into the Chinese Christian Fellowship at Clemson. In 2008, it was officially registered as the Chinese Christian Church at Clemson. The church has since adopted programs including prayer meetings, Friday Fellowship groups, Sunday school and Sunday worship, and other ministries such as children ministry and youth fellowship.

1. Vision and Mission

The vision of the church is to reach out and evangelize to the Chinese clearly and effectively in our mother tongue, and to cultivate Christians and prepare them to serve in the Kingdom of God. Every year, we have new brothers and sisters baptized, and built up in the church.  Many of them eventually move back to China or other places to serve the Lord.

The mission of the church is to focus on the campus, to care for people, to spread the gospel, and to equip the saints. The scope of our ministry will gradually expand from students, scholars and their family around the campus to the Chinese population in the surrounding areas.

2. Ministry and Needs

We are grateful to the love of brothers and sisters at Clemson First Baptist Church who have shared their church facility with us for the past two decades.  But with the continuous development of the two church ministries, the space available has gradually become a limiting factor for the church ministry. God has put the vision of a new church building in our co-workers, so a designated Building Fund was established by the Church General Assembly in 2004.

3.  God's Provision and Lead

After several rounds of 40-day fasting and prayer relay, God opened a door for us in 2012, and led us to a 5.5-acre lot. God also provided a brother, Richard Foo, who loves the Lord, as our architect.  Later we were also connected to the Christian general contractor DGI.  During the seven years from 2012 to 2019, we experienced a lot of seeking and waiting, especially in the fundraising for the Building Fund. Due to fast turnover of church members, there are only a few permanent co-worker families. It is a big challenge to raise money or secure a bank loan. But during this period, we experienced God's faithfulness and provision. After many discussions between brother Foo and the congregation, we eventually decided to build the church building in three phases. Phase one has a 7,000-square-foot multi-purpose building with a total construction cost of $1.35 million. Including the other utilities (furniture, equipment, fence, etc.), the total cost is $1.5 million. Thanks to God and with the help of many churches and brothers and sisters, we have raised $910,000 in cash, and secured a $600,000 construction loan from the bank. We have moved in to the new building during Christmas 2019!

4. Prayer and Support

Praise the Load, what a blessing and grace this is! A new building brings new opportunities, new responsibilities, and new challenges. May the Lord use this building to enable us to carry out our mission All these need your prayer and support! Therefore, we urgently invite our brothers and sisters to pray for us: 1.) May the Lord bless and use this building where people can get to know the Lord; 2.) May the Lord bring in workers and pastor who has God’s calling to tend His sheep; 3.) May the Lord to provide for our financial needs. In addition, if the Lord puts the other burden on you, please send us your feedback by email. May God bless you!

For specific dedication, please refer to the Church Building Dedication page:

Mailing address: Chinese Christian Church at Clemson, 558 Old Greenville Hwy, Clemson, SC 29631

Master Plan Phase 1,2,and 3

Phase 1 Building Project
Our general contractor: Duane Greene Inc.
Our architect: Richard Foo, American Institute of Architects, Birmingham, AL.
Our bank: South State Bank.
The project budget: for the 7,100 sq. ft. building is $1.4M.
The project completion date: December of 2019

Phase 1 Floor Plan

Phase 1 Aerio View (Computer-generated)

Phase 1 Front View 

Phase 1 Worship

Phase 1 Lobby