Daily Bible Reading

Please click here to read Bible or you can read using TheWord software. 

TheWord is a free Bible study software created by Costas Stergiou. You can download it from his webstie: http://www.theword.net. For the convenience of the Chinese users, I repackage the software with some Chinese Bibles and books. All you need to do is to run the file and unzip it to the root directory of your harddrive or thumbdrive, and you will find a directory called "The Word" on that drive. Inside this directory, you will find "The Word.exe". Just click and run it, or you can create a shortcut on your desktop and run from there.

You can download the software package from here.

Several shortcut keys you need to remember:
P: toggle between paragraph mode and one-verse-per-line mode;
F: toggle on/off the inline notes in the bible text;
H: toggle on/off the paragraph headers;
X: toggle on/off the cross reference;
S: toggle on/off the Strong numbers (e.g. in KJV).
If you want to do a search, press F3. If you want to close the Search View, right click your mouse inside the Search View and click on Close this view.
If you want to change the menu language, goto File->Language and choose the language you want.